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The Choir, Special Events Choir, and Band will join together on October 27  10:30am, for the Ad Fontes Weekend Combined Worship Service!
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What is Worship?

God speaks and we respond.
So, what is our job as worship leaders?
To facilitate the worship by presenting the Word of God and leading the congregation in response. The medium of this worship facilitation can take on various forms: music, visual imagery, speaking, drama, videos and more!
Worship Arts Director: Faith Marks
Faith Marks                  Chris Fair
Worship Arts Director               Choir  Director     
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Praise Band, AV Team              Choir            


Choir members meet weekly for rehearsals on Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8pm. The Choir warm up for 8:30 worship is at 8am. The Special Events Choir only sings for special services throughout the year.

Praise Band

Praise band members serve as they are able.  Rehearsals are on Thursday nights from 6-8pm, with breakout times for vocalists and instrumentalists.  Sunday Morning Warm Up is 9:30am for 11am Worship.

AV Techs

Media techs project the slides, Sound techs help run the sound board. AV Techs serve as they are able, from once a month to three weeks a month. Techs arrive 30 minutes before worship. Special Training is required.