Welcome the Lutzes!

There are a few different ways you can welcome the Lutz Family!
Please read through this page and various links carefully.
Which College team should they cheer for?
Surprising Pastor Elliott was a success! Pastor Elliott was overwhelmed by all awesome college team gear! He still claims to be undecided on which team he will choose.
The Lutzes Want to Get to Know You!
The Lutz Family already completed their Bios and want you to complete yours.  Click the link below to do your bio form (one person per form), then you can check out the Lutz’ bios!
Lutz Family Reverse Registry
Similar to a Baby Registry, if you plan to give the Lutz Family a gift, we want to know, to reduce duplication!  Click the button below to be taken to the sign up, please detail information about your gift.  If you want to recommend a local restaurant drop off a gift card in the church office!
Beautify the Grounds Before the Installation!
Thank you to the Saunders, Gibbons, Craters, Shaws, Foodys, Burns, Karen Wolfe, Bob Spohn, Ron Heaivilin, Patty Phillips, and John Marie Kruse who served during the work day!
Attend the Installation!