Update October 30, 2018

The Call Committee has received the list of pastoral candidates from the district.  We are currently working with Pastor McDaniels to determine which candidates are open to receiving a call.  The following is a timeline of the call process and displays where we are at:

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We want to give thanks for the prayer service and to those who made it possible.  It was a great opportunity to dedicate an extra moment of prayer over the call process.  We also would like to give thanks for those who answered the call and helped beautify God’s house as we prepare for our next pastor.

In the coming days and weeks we will begin the process of reviewing candidate profiles and arranging for phone discussions with candidates.  During this time we hope to summarize what we learn in a meaningful way, in order to present it to the congregation during future town hall meetings. We look forward to continuing this process and serving the congregation as God works to unite us with the next pastor of Fountain of Life.



The FoL Call Committee


Contact Information (If changed):

Carl Langefeld, e-mail: clangefe@wakehealth.edu; phone: 336.764.3960

Michelle Moss, e-mail: michellecmoss02@gmail.com; phone: 336.207.4399