Update March 7, 2019

Thank You

As we reflect on the past and how God has moved us both individually and as the body of Christ, we are humbled and amazed at the mercy and grace He has given us during the pastoral vacancy.   He has provided us with every good and perfect gift from above to prepare and equip us for the good work He has chosen for us to do! 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Call Committee who worked along side of God in finding our next Pastor.  They gave up not only personal time but family time as they dedicated themselves to the Pastoral search.  We specifically thank Carl Langefeld, Michelle Moss, Ken Foody, Kevin Crater, Karen Armour-Hoke, Mark Winterhoff, Terry Griffin, Olivia Plyler & Matt Gorris. 

We would not be at this time of celebration without you and your love for Jesus! 

In Christ, Fountain of Life Family