Men’s Group Scholarship
The application process starts March 1 and be returned
by May 10 (Extended). The committee will review and advise
each applicant no later than June 30.
Scholarship Guidelines
The Kapfer Scholarship (now the FOL Men’s Scholarship) was established in 1992 by Fountain of Life Men’s Group in honor of Mr. Bill Kapfer. Bill and his wife Joan, were long time members and missionaries for a number of years prior to their retirement. When Fountain of Life moved from Forrest Dr to Hopkins Rd—Bill was the Project Chairman for our new building. He oversaw the entire building project and insisted in having a kitchen that was upscale.
The Kapfer Scholarship should not be looked at as being a big scholarship source, but instead a general support for those involved with the Church.
The Kapfer Scholarship Fund is maintained and supported by the Men’s Group. The resources to maintain this fund comes from donations from the Kapfer family and fund raising efforts of all who participate in the Spring yard sale, the Fall BBQ sale, profits from the soda machine and any other fund raisers we might have.
We normally disburse around $2,000.00 and any additional amount would need the Men’s Group approval. The Scholarship Fund will be limited to rising freshmen whether they elect a 2yr or 4yr school. Should we only have a few applicants—we would not disburse all the funds that year.
We have established 4 main points that each applicant will be considered under, followed by the weight that should be placed on each item.
They are:
  • Financial Need—40%
  • Academics——–15%
  • Involvement in the Church—-20%
  • Statement of belief/Commitment to faith in Christ—25%
If, during the 1st year, a candidate receives the funds and leaves school for any reason other than health/family problems—they are expected to return the funds.