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Red Letter Challenge

What Is rlC?
Red Letter Challenge is a 40 day series that will energize your faith and transform your life as we train our minds on the Red Letters in the Bible, those words Jesus spoke while on Earth.  Join us as all our worship services, bible studies, special events, and daily devotions support this 40 day life changing experience!  It’s not too late to start the Red Letter Challenge, pick up your RLC gear at the table in the front of the church!
What you need
Pick Up a Red Letter Challenge Devotional Book, Bracelet and Bookmark. There are packs available for children too! These packs are free but you can make a donation at the table or online through our giving page.  Just select fund “Other” then sub fund “Red Letter Challenge”.
Taking the Challenge?
1. Take a Selfie and Update your Facebook Profile Picture with our RLC profile Frame.
   Just Search for “RLC @ FOL” or click HERE.    
2. Invite a Friend to do the Challenge with you!
3. During the RLC Tag us on Social or Email us and share how it is Changing your Life!
4. Wear Your RLC TShirt or Anything Red on Sundays!

Ways to Participate:
 * Sunday Worship: Sept 13-OCt 25
 * Daily Devotions: begin Sept 15!
 * Discussion Groups: See Below
 * Challenge Events: See Below

Discussion Groups:
 * In Person  Led by: Debbie Smith Saturdays 9:30am  Pavilion
 * Online  led by: Carl & Paul Wednesdays 7pm  Zoom Google Calendar Link 
 * Women’s Study  Led by : Dinene Crater Wednesdays 6:30pm  Pavilion
 * Youth Study  Led by : Kevin & Karen  Sundays 10:00am  Behind the House
 * Worship Arts Group Study  Led by : Chris Fair  Tuesdays 7pm  Sanctuary
 * Life Groups Contact Deb Hayward to Join a Life Group! 
*More Discussion Groups May be Added*

Challenge Events:
* Intro Week 1  Take the RLC Assessment  RLC ASSESSMENT
* Being Week 2  Meditation & Music Sept 23 7-8pm  Firepit More Info
                      Praying 4 Our Community Sept 26 9am  Tent
* Forgiving Week 3  Forgiveness Rocks All Week  Front of the Church
* Serving Week 4  Park Clean Up  Oct 10 10am  Pope Park Sign Up
                        Fire Hydrant Painting  All Week  Near FOL Sign Up
                        Preschool Fundraiser  Oct 17  FOL Grounds  Sign Up
* Giving Week 5  Love Offering: Pan De VIda  All Week  Give Online
* Going Week 6  Prayer Walk    Oct 18 12-1pm    Kensington Village 
Prayer Walk  All week  Your Neighborhood  Open the PDF
                      24 Hour Bible REading  Oct 24 8am  Sanctuary Sign Up
* Celebrating Week 7  Worship & Conclusion of RLC Oct 25