Red Letter Challenge

Red Letter Challenge
September 13 – October 25
We are so excited to kick off a new series beginning September 13!  Red Letter Challenge is a 40 day series that will energize your faith and transform your life as we train our minds on the Red Letters in the Bible, those words Jesus spoke while on Earth.  Join us as all our worship services, bible studies, special events, and daily devotions support this 40 day life changing experience!  If you plan to take the Red Letter Challenge, pick up your RLC gear at the table in the front of the church with all the gear you need to get started, even for the kids!

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2 Responses to “Red Letter Challenge”

  1. Judy Hedin says:

    Sarah, we have had trouble for the past two weeks trying to watch the service later in the day. If I bring my IPad over will you show me exactly how to access.