Outdoor Worship


Sundays 10:30am 

The Worship Folder is updated each Sunday Morning
with this week’s Order of Worship. 
From a Computer You can print or 
just bring your Phone/Tablet with you on Sunday!


Cancellations will be posted by 8am on Sunday Morning!
See You Sunday!
Last Updated: April 3
In the event of inclement weather,
outdoor worship will be moved indoors.


Outdoor Worship Information & FAQ’s

Outdoor worship is an opportunity for more of us to worship together and we need your participation in keeping yourself and others healthy.  Please read the information below and feel free to contact the Church Office if you have any questions.  We understand not everyone will be comfortable in public worship yet, so we will continue to livestream our worship services.  For those who do not have internet access, Worship at Home services will continue to be mailed.



  1. Check the “Weather Update” section, at the top of this page, for cancellations. 
  2. Download &/or Print Sunday’s Worship Folder (Top of Page)

– You can also bring a tablet or use your smartphone

  1. Complete the Online Friendship Register (located in the Worship Folder)
  2. Wear a Mask or Face Covering – Strongly Encouraged
  3. Bring a Lawn Chair, Blanket, Water, and/or a Hat



While you are on the grounds, we encourage you to practice social distancing and maintain 6ft between you and your brother and sister in Christ!

– Front parking spaces are reserved for those who plan to remain in their car during worship. We ask that you do not run your car’s engine to help reduce noise.  You are welcome to park in all other parking spaces and run your engine.  Tune into 106.3 to listen via our FM transmitter.

– Wave to our Greeters and head to the “Welcome Station”

– Pick Up a Communion Pack  (Gluten Free Available)

– An Usher will help assist you in finding an open spot to sit.

– The congregation will be seated in the lawn area facing towards the pavilion.

– Seating areas will be marked off on the grass, one family unit per square.




– Communion will be distributed as you arrive at the Welcome Station.

– Hold on to the individual communion cup until the communion section of the worship service.

– Pastor Elliott will consecrate the elements during the service.

– Everyone will commune at the same time where you are seated.

– Trash Receptacles for the empty cups will be available as you leave.


– Ushers will collect the offering during the service.

– The safest and best way to tithe right now is by online giving through our online friendship register form. HERE


– The bathrooms across from the Sanctuary will be open.

– A family unit may visit the restroom together, all other individuals will be limited to one individual in each bathroom at a time.



– A short wave FM transmitter will be sending out the audio of the service to the Church Parking Lot.  Tune your FM radio to 106.3FM to listen to the service from your car.

– The Playground will be closed.

– Access to the facility will be limited to only the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms.  All other facility rooms and utilities (including the kitchen and drinking fountains), should not be used.
– No refreshments will be available.

– A limited number of picnic table seating will be available on a first come first served basis for those that do not have lawn chairs.

– Common surfaces will be cleaned between services.



If you would like to join our Outdoor Worship Team (greeters, cleaning volunteers, etc) contact Deb Hayward.



We understand children are struggling to comprehend what is going on and how to do things like “social distancing”.  This presents challenges to parents that you were never prepared for.  We empathize with you, and are praying for you!  We are sorry for the inconveniences these guidelines put on you and your children!  We will continue to offer FOLKIDS@HOME and Livestreamed Worship services if you choose to worship at home.

– Family units may share one or more seating area(s), and do not have to observe social distancing among family members.

– Children should stay with their parents.  Bringing a blanket or stroller might be more comfortable.  The playground, and indoor spaces (like the nursery, kitchen) will be closed.  This excludes the bathrooms, which will be open.

– Children under 10 years should be accompanied by an Adult, especially during bathroom visits.



If you have a health concern not addressed below, please contact the church office so we can work with you!

Limited Mobility: Parking Spaces will be reserved for those that would like to attend worship but have concerns walking on the uneven surfaces on the lawn.

Hearing:  If you would like an assistive listening device, let us know at the “Welcome Station” and we can help you out! We recommend you bringing your own earphones with 1/8″ jack but if you do not have one, we have some available that will be sanitized between uses.

See You Sunday!