October 27, 2016


Karen 7 Jerry Benditz


Years at FOL:
9 Years

What brought you to FOL:

Moved to Winston-Salem from Troy, Ohio. Lived in an apartment in Kernersville. Looked in the Yellow Pages for a Lutheran Church and found FOL.

What Ministries are

you Involved in:

Choir, Reader 

Which Service and Pew

can we find you?

Usually 8:30am Back Left Side
Karen: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Jerry: Cleveland, Ohio


Sweet Tea or Unsweet:

Sweet Tea

Bojangles or Cook Out:

Cook Out 



Are you a morning or a night owl?

Morning people. 

What Cartoon did you grow up watching?

3 Stooges, Little Rascals

Favorite Hobby:



What’s one place you have visited or would like to?


What’s your favorite

ice cream flavor?

Karen: Chocolate Jerry: Butter Pecan

What’s your favorite TV show?

America’s Got Talent, NFL, CAVS Basketball 

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