November 3, 2016


Karen & Paul Norby

Aric (Son) & Jessica, W-S, NC
Jennifer (Daughter) & Andrew, Granville, SC
Granddaughters: Charlotte, Lydia
Niece: Allison Plyler & Family (FOL Members)
Years at FOL:
17 Years

What brought you to FOL:

Moved from Durham in 1999 and heard about FOL.  Tried several Lutheran Churches in W-S, but were drawn to FOL by the outward look of the congregation, contemporary worship, and preaching of Pastor Jeff Wuertz.

What Ministries are

you Involved in:

Karen: Reader
Paul: Communion Assistant, Education Team

Which Service and Pew

can we find you?

Usually 11am near right side aisle
Charlotte is where we met, went to High School, went to church and were married.  Met a youth group at Ascension Lutheran in Charlotte.


Sweet Tea or Unsweet:

1/2 and 1/2


Ford or Chevy

Chevy, 1st Car when we were married 1970 Chevy Malibu
Present Car: Chevrolet Volt

Are you a morning or a night owl?


What Cartoon did you grow up watching?

Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Woody Woodpecker

Favorite Hobby:



What’s one place you have visited or would like to?

Went to Russia in 1994 as part of a sister cities visit while in Durham.  Visited British Virgin Islands twice (would love to go again!)
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