What is Mission Ecuador?

Since 2010, Fountain of Life has sent a team each summer to Quito, Ecuador to work at Pan de Vida through Extreme Response International. While there, we teach Vacation Bible School to 60 children, assist in worship at Pan de Vida on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, participate in work projects that include Hit Squads (work with selected beneficiary family to improve personal living conditions) and light maintenance at Pan de Vida including painting, grounds-work, cleaning. Our time is also spent in fellowship with the staff, children and families of Pan de Vida, as well as the Hit Squad families.
2020 Trip Details
July 18 – 26, 2020
– Feeding program for Ecuadorans
– Serving the needs of refugees from Venezuela and Colombia through a separate feeding program and distribution of supplies
– Sharing devotions with the women in the Microbusiness program
– Teaching lessons to the children
– Helping with a building project for one of the beneficiary families
– Sharing God’s Love through service opportunities
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