March 13, 2020 9pm

Hello everyone,

Over the last few days, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) have been changing rapidly.  Our Response Team has endeavored to keep up with the latest developments and are staying in touch with our town officials.  On Friday afternoon, the town leadership asked that all gatherings in Kernersville be cancelled, regardless of size. While this is not a mandated Law, we felt that it would be good for us to partner with the direction of the authorities that God has placed above us in accordance with the 4th Commandment.  

Out of an abundance of caution, we are cancelling all church related events for the next two weeks, effective immediately.  This includes worship services, meetings, Bible studies, community, and other activities.  The office will not officially be closed during this time, but some of the staff may be working remotely.  This time frame could be extended, depending on how it progresses in our community. As changes and updates develop, we will keep you updated on the impact that it has on our ministries at Fountain of Life.  For the latest updates, please click on the COVID19 link on the top of our website: COVID19 Updates Here.

At this point, the Preschool will continue to be in session. They will be following the lead of the WSFCS.  Any changes will be communicated directly to Preschool families through the Facebook page and the Remind App. 

When I first became a pastor, I thought that I would never cancel a worship service.  I thought that if I could make it to church, I would have a service for whoever showed up.  What I have learned since then is that just because it may be safe for me, it could be life threatening for others.  To put someone’s life at risk is a very serious thing to do. It is out of a heart of love and concern that we have made this decision.  Our primary concern was for the wellbeing of our people and the well being of our neighbors.  

Just because we are not able to gather together does not mean that we will not be able to worship.  Worship services will be available online. Videos of the services will be available on our website on Sunday morning: Sunday Morning Services.  

One aspect of worship that we cannot do online is participate in the Lord’s Supper.  For anyone who would like to receive Communion, we will be offering Private Communion for individuals or families.  We are asking for anyone wishing to participate to sign up online during one of the time slots so that we do not have large groups of people arriving at the same time.  Private Communion will be offered Sunday morning from 8am-12pm, and Monday evening 7-8pm. Sign up for Private Communion here: Private Communion Slots.

Even though we are not able to meet together, our call of stewardship does not change and the expenses of the church will not be reduced. I would also encourage you to consider utilizing our online giving options. If you have never given online before, our giving page has information and instructions on how to set up your gift: Give Online Here

As we face the fear and uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, I want to remind you of 3 scripture verses that can guide our thoughts and actions today.
“Love your neighbor.” – Jesus
Mark 12:31
Wash your hands. Stay home if you are sick.
“Be not afraid. Just believe” – Jesus
Mark 5:36
God is in control. Even if the worst emerges, you are safe in his love. When the storms of life come, remember that you know the One who is more powerful than the storm.
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction,
persistent in prayer.” – St. Paul
Romans 12:12
Pray that the Lord will restrain this virus,
equip his people to endure it with grace, and give our leaders to handle it.
Love your neighbor, have no fear, and pray that this will end swiftly. The uncertainty and circumstances that we are facing is not a surprise to God. His promises are still true today. God is faithful and He will see His people through this, just as He always has.

                                                          -Pastor Elliott Lutz