LW – January 4, 2017

15747550_10210652938296287_9209398899816374150_nKaren Robins’ willingness to help out is a bright light in the community.  Her efforts shine Jesus’s love and care to those around her.  Here is what Karen had to share about herself and Dixie, her dog.

What do you do in the community?

I live in a retirement home with my dog, Dixie.  Everyone loves her and asks for her if not with me at the time.  There are a few kids who visit and love to play with her.  I also let her visit with volunteers who are waiting outside for Meals on Wheels to arrive during our morning walks. Having a dog is a fabulous way to meet your neighbors if they are well behaved!  Dixie has been voted best behaved, most trained, and most beautiful of all the dogs who live here. I take great pride in that.  I respect those who are allergic or afraid of dogs as well.  I also help my neighbors as needed.  Taking out their trash if it is cold or wet outside.  Offering to take them to the store if their car isn’t working or the weather is going to be snowy, etc. Several little things like that.  I try to learn everyone’s names. Sometimes I get to know their family members as well.  Everyone loves my door decorations as well.  I have a cross on my door.  I try to share my faith as it presents itself.


How do you bring your faith into your community?

Dixie and I for 8 years did pet therapy.  For 2 years, we spent training.  Once certified, we started visits. We started with the hospital rehab where folks were recovering from strokes, broken bones, and brain surgery.  We added several nursing homes.  Lastly added behavioral health with several folks recovering from attempted suicide and other psychiatric issues.  We made lots of friends in our visits.  Last year I kept her status active if I changed my mind to start visiting again.  2017 she is officially retired.  We still make neighbors and people happy around home so technically still doing visits that way though not officially through Therapy Dog International.

For 2017, I have started a hat ministry.  I’m crocheting hats for the homeless.  It is based on the viral articles and videos of Morrie, the Hospice man from Michigan, who knits hats for the homeless.  I’m also going to crochet a few blankets for the Red Cross.  It is a white blanket with the red cross in the middle of the blanket.