January 26, 2017


Debbie and Wayne Travis

Kelli & Jordan
Years at FOL:
Joined in early 1988, with a 4 year hiatus to GA & MN.  Total of 25 years
What Brought You to FOL?

Lutheran Church with a progressive minister – Joe Judge


What Ministries are

you Involved in:


Wayne: Reader, Communion Assistant, past BoSL and Elder
Debbie: Preschool Director

Which Service and Pew

can we find you?

11:00, Last pew of the first section on the left.  (They will be losing their seats to sound booth in the renovation)
Norfolk, VA (Wayne was born in San Diego)


Sweet Tea or Unsweet:

Debbie: Sweet  Wayne: UnSweet

Bojangles or Cookout?


Ford or Chevy?


Morning Person  or Night Owl?

Debbie:  Afternoon      
Wayne: Morning

What Cartoon did you grow up watching?

Wayne: Looney Tunes

Favorite Hobby:

Debbie:  Walking & Spending time with my grandchildren
Wayne:  Surfing 7 Surf Fishing

What’s one place you have visited or would like to?

Debbie:  Costa Rica, many times, would like to visit Italy
Wayne: Costa Rica many times, maybe Nicaragua.

What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Wayne:  Moose Tracks


What’s Your Favorite TV Show?

Debbie:  Law & Order: SVU

Wayne: College Football

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