We are starting a new ministry to help meet the needs of those who are most at risk from the coronavirus.  Everyone will need to continue to get the basic necessities such as food and toiletries, but venturing out even for these things may be a risk.  If you feel unsafe going into stores to shop for food, we want to help.  

Several grocery stores in Kernersville offer pick up service and some offer delivery for an extra fee:
Walmart         Harris Teeter        Lowes Foods

Orders can be placed online, they fill the order for you, and place it into your car.  While this may be a solution for some, we know that some people may have challenges either placing the order, feel uncomfortable or are unable to drive to the store, or feel unsafe taking delivery from a stranger.  What we want to do is match you up with someone from our Fountain of Life family that can help. We will match volunteers with those in need so that you can communicate with each other directly. 

In order to make this happen, we are looking for Volunteers who would be willing to help place an order and deliver it.

If you are willing to serve or would like assistance placing an order or having it delivered, please call the church office 336-993-4447.