Good News

Headlines in the news usually tell us about everything that is going wrong in the world.  Coronavirus, Corruption, and Crime are all part of the daily news feed.  In the chaos of a broken world, we all could use some Good News.  Good News has the power to break through the darkness with a ray of hope.  The story of Jesus is the story of Good News.  It is the story of God’s love for a broken world and how far he was willing to go to bring us out of the darkness into the kingdom of Light.  Good News of Jesus is a story that can change your life and change the world.  The story of Jesus is a story worth sharing.
This Series will lead us through Sunday Worship and Wednesday Midweek Devotionals to Easter Sunday!
Below you will find the Good News Series Worship Service Recordings, including the Lenten Midweek Devotional, in order of most recent first.  Use the navigation in the top left of the video player to find previous recordings.

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  1. Bernice Patterson.the was very inspiring says:

    I was blessed thank you much love