February 2, 2017


Kathy & Bruce Boyer

Will (CA), Dave & Kara (NC)
Years at FOL:
25 years
What Brought You to FOL?

Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Kernersville


What Ministries are

you Involved in:


Service Assistant, Reader, Missions

Which Service and Pew

can we find you?

3rd pew on the left at the 8:30 service
Kathy – Vandalia, Missouri; Bruce – Rochester, NY


Sweet Tea or Unsweet:

Sweet Tea



Ford or Chevy?

Hybrid Prius & Lexus

Morning Person  or Night Owl?


What Cartoon did you grow up watching?

Kathy – Mighty Mouse

Favorite Hobby:

Kathy – golf and grandkids
Bruce – exercise & soccer officiating

What’s one place you have visited or would like to?

Australia for our 50th anniversary

What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Kathy – mint chocolate chip

Bruce – IC w/ fruit


What’s Your Favorite TV Show?

Kathy – HGTV

Bruce – Carolina basketball

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