July 12

Weekend of July 12

Discussion Question:

“Pick out a chapter in your Bible and talk with your family about what God is using that chapter to tell you.

Activity Corner:

Sometimes we do things that we don’t mean to do or we don’t even notice doing them. These can be bad habits that, if we don’t work on stopping, can have consequences we don’t like. Can you think of a bad habit you would like to break? This week use craft supplies or the downloadable pdf to make yourself a bracelet to wear as a reminder throughout the day. Can’t think of a bad habit to stop? Think of a GOOD habit to START. Say please and thank you, or let someone else take the first turn. Let’s train our brains to do GOOD, think GOOD, and Love God!


Families with Children

COVID19 Response

We get it!  You are probably home with your kids now, they are asking questions, trying to understand this very unusual routine you are in now.  You may be overwhelmed looking for activities to do, and the number of resources available on the web is incredible!  We have pulled together a few activities for your family to grow spiritually during this time as well as ways to get the kids engaged in friendly competitions/activities with other other FOL families at home.
Additional Resources 
CPH COVID19 Resource
The Bible App for KIDS
Adjusting to
the New “Normal”
Place Mat Coloring Page  Download It Here
The Pilgrim’s Progress
Free Movie
Age Suggestion 7 and Up

Past Challenges



3/22-4/2 #FountainFort: Build a fort and take a picture of it.

 Families with Children


Birth through 3-years old
We seek to show young children God’s love, through a happy, healthy, and safe environment with workers who are devoted to serving children and sharing God’s love with them. We have a staffed nursery available from 8:20am until 12pm for newborns-3 yrs. The Nursery is located right outside of the sanctuary, and a sign in/out procedure is used for added security.
Family Worship 
happens the 1st and the 5th Sunday of the month. (Ages Birth – 5th Grade) Where the whole family worships together setting an example for the younger members. The little ones are encouraged to come down for a special Children’s Message which takes place before the reading.
Children’s Church 
Children 4-years old – 2nd grade 
Children Church takes place during the message. Children’s Church takes place in Classroom 1. The children are taught a lesson on the same Scripture, but the lesson is taught on their cognitive developmental level. The children leave after the Confession and Forgiveness; and return after offering for prayers and communion.

sunday school2

We share Bible Stories, Music,
Crafts and Activities, all based on God’s word! 
Preschool/Early Elementary
Preschool – 1st Grade*
Late Elementary
2nd Grade* – 5th Grade
*Suggested Ages

first communion

Our preparation begins with First Communion Instruction. These classes are typically for 5th graders and take place during Lent.  If you have a rising 5th Grader, and interested in having them attend First Communion Classes, please contact the Church Office.
After they complete their classes, we have a celebration on Sunday where we acknowledge all of them in front of the congregation and then rejoice with them as they take their First Communion.