May 3 CC


Families with Children

COVID19 Response

We get it!  You are probably home with your kids now, they are asking questions, trying to understand this very unusual routine you are in now.  You may be overwhelmed looking for activities to do, and the number of resources available on the web is incredible!  We have pulled together a few activities for your family to grow spiritually during this time as well as ways to get the kids engaged in friendly competitions/activities with other other FOL families at home.

Additional Resources for Families

Need Childcare?
NC Childcare Hotline:
1-888-600-1685 to be connected directly
to care options in your community.
CPH COVID19 Resource
The Bible App for KIDS
Adjusting to
the New “Normal”
Place Mat Coloring Page
The Pilgrim’s Progress
Free Movie
Age Suggestion 7 and Up