Families with Children

Summer Schedule – Beginning June 13

During Worship

Babies/Toddlers Up through 3 Years Old

A staffed nursery, located adjacent to the Sanctuary, will be available for both services, Sundays from 8:15am-11:15am.

COVID Precautions: Nursery workers will be masked, children are not required to wear masks.


Children 4 years and Up

We are currently not offering Children’s Church during worship services. Your child is encouraged to stay with you throughout the entire service. We understand this can be a challenge, especially with a wiggly child, here are some ideas to consider:

Sit wherever it is easiest for you:

Children are naturally curious, try sitting close to the front so they can see and follow along!

Bring Activities or Books:

We are unable to offer Children’s Church or Quiet Activity Bags at this time, feel free to pack crayons and coloring books from home.

Children learn by copying us:

Help explain what is going on during worship. Sing, pray, read along so your children can hear you.

Lastly… Relax!

Your child’s energy is given by God. Do not feel that you have to suppress it in God’s house.

Children’s Sunday School

Sundays 9:30-10am

4 Years Old – 5th Grade

Children’s Sunday School will be hosted by two adult leaders each week and will include a short Bible Study plus a fun game or activity.


Where: Lawn near the back parking lot

Parent Drop Off look for the Pink Inflatable Dancing Man

COVID Precautions:

If Outdoors – no masks required

If Wet Conditions move Sunday School Indoors to Room 6, Children and Adults (5 Years and Up) will be required to wear masks



AT HOME Activities & Resources

We get it!  You are probably home with your kids now, they are asking questions, trying to understand this very unusual routine you are in now.  You may be overwhelmed looking for activities to do, and the number of resources available on the web is incredible!  We have pulled together a few activities for your family to grow spiritually during this time as well as ways to get the kids engaged in friendly competitions/activities with other other FOL families at home.

FOLKIDS@HOME Update Holy Week

Holy Week
You’re Invited!
Weather Pending
Come to FOL anytime on Good Friday or Next Saturday (April 2-3) and decorate the sidewalks (even the parking spaces) at the front of the church. We have tons of sidewalk chalk (at a station under the covered front entrance) that kids can use to draw crosses, empty tombs, Jesus or more Easter designs. Since Easter worship will be outside this year, it will be soo much fun to see children’s artwork as you walk up to the lawn.
Easter Sunday!
Its a Lutheran Tradition on Easter Sunday to say:
“He Is Risen”  and respond with:  “He is Risen Indeed Hallelujah!”
If you and your family plan to attend outdoor worship on Easter Sunday, we encourage you to decorate a sign to hold up during this part of the service, that says “Hallelujah!”. This is another way to participate in the Hosanna/Hallelujah Challenge that was in the Lenten Activity Family bags this year.
Holy Week Devotional
What’s Inside?
Family Devotions, Discussion Questions, & Activities
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