December 8, 2016



Dan & Deb Hayward


April & Jeff Williams, Emma & James,

Sarah & Aaron Speaks, Evelyn

Years at FOL:
23 Years

What brought you to FOL:

Only Lutheran church in Kernersville


What Ministries are

you Involved in:

Dan: Staff Support (full time) & “Old Men’s Life Group                                                       Deb: Staff

Which Service and Pew

can we find you?

8:30 & 11, Back left pew
Dan:  Stony Ridge, Ohio
Deb:  Pemberville, Ohio


Sweet Tea or Unsweet:

Dan:  Sweet          Deb:  Green 

Bojangles or Cookout?

Dan:  Bojangles     Deb:  Giada’s

Ford or Chevy?

Neither, we are Honda people

Morning Person  or Night Owl?

Dan:  both            Deb: morning

What Cartoon did you grow up watching?

Dan:  Marine Boy  Deb:  Johnny Quest

Favorite Hobby:

Dan:  Keeping wife happy
Deb:  Working out/Yoga

What’s one place you have visited or would like to?

Dan:  Would like to visit Las Vegas just once


What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Dan:  Dairy Queen PB Cup Blizzard

Deb:  Recovering Icecream-aholic  clean 5+ years


What’s Your Favorite TV Show?

Dan:  CSpan (no commercials)  

Deb: MasterChef

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