Responding to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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All Services Move Indoors on July 25

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May 15 2021 Update

Hello everyone!  

This is Pastor Elliott and I have some great news for you today.  In light of the recent changes in the CDC guidelines and the easing of COVID restrictions from the North Carolina Governor, we will be making several changes in our COVID restrictions at Fountain of Life.  

The pandemic is not over yet, but these most recent changes will allow for us to resume many of the activities that we had previously enjoyed.  Effective immediately, here are some of the changes that we are putting in place at Fountain of Life.

In outdoor settings, masks and social distancing are no longer necessary for anyone.

For indoor activities, those who are fully vaccinated, masks and social distancing will no longer be necessary in most situations. Those who have not been vaccinated, masks are not required, but we encourage you to use good judgement in your interactions with others.  Many of you, vaccinated or not, may feel comfortable continuing to wear a mask for a little longer. 

The exception to the lifting of the mask mandate is for indoor activities for youth and children ministries.  Because most children have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated, we need to act in a way that protects them.  At this time, masks will still be required for all adults working with youth or children while indoors, regardless of vaccination status. This includes Preschool, Nursery, Children’s Ministry, Junior High and Youth Ministry.  Children and Youth, 5 and above, will also need to wear masks in these settings. Our approach in these areas of our ministry is consistent with the guidelines from the CDC and NC Governor’s office.  Planning is already underway for a return to in person children’s ministry and reopening the nursery on Sunday mornings.  I am so excited to see this area of ministry getting fired up again!

We have begun discussing plans for returning to worshipping indoors.  The timeline for returning to indoor worship has not been determined yet, so stay tuned for further updates.  

We know that many of you are not ready to return to in person worship, Bible studies, or other events.  As we continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic, we are keeping your needs in mind.  For those of you who are worshipping online, there are 2 things that I want you to know.  First of all, we will continue to provide livestream of our services for you.  That is not going to change even as the restrictions are lifted.  Secondly, as a Church, we are striving to learn how to help you grow spiritually and remain connected in spite of being physically separated due to the pandemic.  Over the summer, a team from Fountain of Life will be calling everyone in our Fountain of Life family who has not been worshipping in person to hear from you how we can better serve you.  You remain in our hearts and in our prayers.

As a church, we have people with many different perspectives and different needs. Over the course of the pandemic, we have tried to make the best possible decisions for everyone.  While we all have our individual preferences, I am so proud of how our church has held unity above our individual desires.  When we put someone else’s needs and desires above our own, we are learning to have the same attitude as Jesus.  He was willing to set aside everything he was entitled to and even lay down his life for us.  Church, I want you to know that I am proud of you for showing the world and each other the character of Christ by your actions.  

I am proud of you, I love you, and know that we will get through this together.

April 2 Update

Outdoor Worship resumes Easter Sunday with a blended service at 10:30am.  Drive Through Communion will be from 11:30am-12pm.  We can’t wait to worship with those who have been worshiping at home through our livestream, however, we still will continue to livestream our outdoor services for anyone who isn’t comfortable worshiping outdoors.

November 5, 2020 Update

The Christmas Eve Service Survey is available now through November 16th.  Please complete this survey whether you plan to worship with us in-person or online.  

October 22, 2020 Update

Indoor Worship resumes November 1!
For more information on how services are being affected by health and safety measures please review our ReEntry page.

September 24, 2020 Update

Greetings FOL Friends and Family!


If you haven’t had an opportunity to see our previous updates, we encourage you to read them towards the bottom of this page.


While some time has passed since our last COVID related update; the Leadership, COVID Team, and Staff have been working diligently to prepare for our next phase of church life in the age of COVID.  We most recently kicked off the Red Letter Challenge and we are excited to complete this challenge with you, no matter where you are worshiping!


Below are a few updates we want to share with you:


Beginning October 4, outdoor worship will be held at 11am.  Now that Fall is upon us, cooler temperatures will be following and we want to allow more time for temperatures to rise. Please note, this means worship this Sunday, Sunday Sept 27 will still be at 9am.


While we are out of the Sanctuary, we are taking advantage of this opportunity to update our HVAC system.  God has blessed us with many more years of “life” than originally anticipated but the timing and opportunity has presented itself to complete this work!  Thanks to the Property Team for their continued dedication!


Although we are not able to worship inside yet, we are pleased to announce that ministry groups and teams are able to access the facility.  The COVID team has curated best practices and detailed procedures for how these events can take place at Fountain of Life, while meeting requirements for Health and Safety.  If your group or team is interested in using the facility please complete the Facility Usage Request Form here, or contact Deb Hayward with any questions.


Lastly, the church office will be open M-F 9am-1pm.  Feel free to call us or stop by during this time.  If these times do not work for you, contact the Church Office (during office hours) to make other arrangements.


To stay up to date on all things related to Fountain of Life, check out our weekly announcements, or the e-newsletter (sign up here).


Continued Prayers for You and Your Families,

Sarah Speaks

Media Communications Coordinator

July 30, 2020 Update

Greetings FOL Friends and Family!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to see our previous updates, we encourage you to read them towards the bottom of this page.


Since March, we have been searching ways to maintain some consistency in our lives and the church has been no different. From continuing to offer two worship styles the first few months of the pandemic to continuing to offer an online worship experience when we began holding outdoor services, we have done our best to provide a level of continuity for our Fountain of Life family.  We hope that you have found value in this, since we are all having to adapt to changes so rapidly. That all being said, we want to share with you a new change being implemented this weekend, and that also will continue to be provided when we are able to return to worship in the sanctuary.


Beginning August 2, we are transitioning from pre-recorded worship services for our online worshipers to livestreaming our outdoor services.  While we intended on holding off on doing this until we were back in the Sanctuary, we found it to be ideal to begin livestreaming sooner rather than later.  We are planning to continue to worship outdoors at least through the end of August but cannot know confidently that we will be back in the sanctuary in September until we are closer to that time.  Livestreaming outdoors may not be ideal for everyone, it comes with some additional challenges, such as the sunlight, heat, and limited equipment that must be setup and torn down each Sunday.  But it also comes with some advantages!  We will be able to worship together at the same time, no matter where we are!  We hope this brings as much excitement to you as it does to us!  You can access the livestream here.


A few other worship related updates for those worshiping with us:  Thanks to a special church family, we will have an event tent set up on the lawn for shade beginning August 2nd!  It has been a HOT summer so far and we are honored by those that have stuck with us in the sun these past few weeks.  The tent will offer additional shade while we can continue to maintain social distancing guidelines.


If you choose to worship from your car in the parking lot, we ask for those parking closest to the grass to keep their car engines off to reduce noise for those on the lawn.  If you prefer to have your car running, please park in a different row.  Don’t forget to tune into 106.3fm to follow along with the worship service from the parking lot.


The 9am outdoor worship service will remain weather permitting.  If we have to cancel outdoor worship due to weather, all members are encouraged to tune in to the livestream at 9am (which we will stream inside with the worship team).  If you miss the 9am livestream you will be able to watch a replay of service after the livestream ends.


Praying for you and your family during these challenging times,

Sarah Speaks

Media Communications Coordinator

June 18, 2020 Update

Greetings FOL Friends and Family!


We have had a lot of transitions from March until now, below is a short history and update on our current plans impacted by COVID-19.  This update should also help shed light on how Fountain of Life is moving forward in response to this current situation.

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April 30, 2020 Update

“Abide with Me”
Hello, Fountain of Life family! I want to say that I miss you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers in this very unusual time when we cannot be together in our usual ways of worship and study, but we certainly can be together in spirit and in prayer! I pray that you are finding your peace and solace in your faith in Jesus Christ our Savior, who provides peace beyond our understanding.

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March 27, 2020 Update

Forsyth County will be entering a Stay At Home Order beginning on Friday March 27 at 5:00 pm.  As a result, Fountain of Life will be closing our offices until the order has been lifted. We will also no longer be able to offer private communion.  

Just because we are not inside of the church facility, does not mean that the Church has been stopped. Jesus has promised that he will build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  Staff have been preparing for the possibility of a shelter in place order and will be working remotely. You can still call the church office number and still get the same wonderful voice of Karen Wolfe on the other end.  Online worship will still be posted on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.  We will continue to post ideas and faith lessons for families with children at home on our FOL KIDS@HOME page.  

Right now, there are so many things that can cause fear and anxiety.  Now is the time that we can choose Faith over Fear.  There are three things that we can do to keep our focus on God, and not the storm around us.

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March 19, 2020 Update

One week ago, life changed in North Carolina as restrictive measures were put in place to limit the spread of the COVID-19.  In the wake of these new challenges and hardships, as God’s people we are called to rise up and bring comfort and healing to the hurting.  We have had to learn to do this in new ways. Things that we used to do to show love for each other have become the very thing that we are now asked to avoid: spending time together, giving a hug, or even gathering together for worship in God’s house.  

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