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Fountain of Life Supplies 4 Volunteer Slots
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Contact: Pat Metzler, Coordinator
phone: (405) 757-5757
Volunteer Experiences
When I decided to volunteer at Sam Ministries soup kitchen, I didn’t know what to expect. I guess like others I had pre-conceived ideas about what I’d experience. I was pleasantly surprised. The guests are very respectful as well as grateful for the food and attention they receive. When I go I never know at which position I’ll be assigned. The experience is personally gratifying. I encourage anyone to try it at least once. – Dan M

The thankfulness and politeness from the guests we serve has been amazing to me! – Pat M

I have been very happy to work again at Samaritan Ministries. I used to go when we had crews stay overnight at the shelter but I had never been to the soup kitchen. It is impressive how the staff and volunteers work together to provide a welcoming environment and a warm meal for those in need. The experience has made me thankful for my many blessings. – Pieter Van Iderstine
I was very impressed with the staff and regular volunteers and how organized they all are. It was a humbling experience to realize that most of the people who come to eat are living on the street but they show how appreciative they are for the meal. I will do it again. – Judy Hedin
It was a valuable and rewarding experience to serve at the Samaritan Ministries soup kitchen. It is startling how many working poor and homeless there are in our area and heartwarming to know we are making a “dent” in the problem in the name of Christ. – Pat Shaw

Recently, I was a volunteer at the Soup Kitchen in Winston. It was a rewarding experience serving the needy. Volunteers were felt welcomed and appreciated for their help. The volunteers had specific duties and were given training. Our job as helpers was to serve the people and treat them as guest. There were men, women, and children. The guests for the lunch meal were very appreciative and humbled by our service. They were respectful and mannerly. I encourage others to participate. It was a memorable experience and I plan to continue. – Susan

Carryout 4 Cougars


One in 4 children living in Northwest North Carolina lives with uncertainty over whether they will have enough to eat.

In collaboration with 2nd Harvest Food Bank & Cash Elementary School, Fountain of Life has begun partnering with Faith Church, Grace Presbyterian Church, and Kerwin Baptist Church to provide Weekend BackPacks for children who are facing food insecurity.

Weekend BackPacks provide nutritious, kid-friendly foods for children to take home over the weekends during the school year.


Each child in the program will receive two breakfasts, two lunches and two snacks each Friday of the school year. Food is packaged in bags that are confidentially placed in the child’s book bag. The foods are easily opened by children and do not need oven or microwave preparation.


You can help! The need is three-fold:

  • Can you spare an hour a month? Help package the meals and deliver them to the classrooms. Thursday mornings at 9:15 at Cash Elementary. Would you be willing to volunteer for one Thursday a month?
  • Do you have a truck or trailer? Every six weeks a group of volunteers picks up the pallets of food and transports them to Cash. This is about a two-hour commitment.
  • Prefer to donate? Currently, backpacks are provided for 60-65 children each week at a cost of $200 per year per child (that’s $12,000-$13,000/yr). Make your check payable to FoL and note Carryout 4 Cougars in the memo line.


Have questions or want to volunteer? Please contact Michelle Moss ( or 336.207.4399)