Christmas Devotional 2018

During Advent, we acknowledged the world we live in:  A world that feels vast, lonely, and dark at times.  We searched together, seeking to find what God has gifted to us; through his Son!

We found   Hope   Love   Joy   Peace   through Christ!

Hope that was delivered in a stable

Love that was sacrificed on a cross

Joy that is found in eternal life, and

Peace that we can hold onto everyday!

While these are meant to be held close in our hearts, we cannot keep them to ourselves!

We are called to share them, with loved ones, co-workers, and even strangers!

In December, we asked 5 families, couples, or individuals to participate in a Share What Matters project.  They proved that with whatever you are given, little or a lot, God provides us with opportunities to Share What Matters!  They reported back how they shared God’s generosity and how it impacted them and the recipients.

Through them, God provided gifts for children in need, and groceries for immigrants. They donated baking goods to a local food pantry, and sponsored training in self-sufficiency!  They learned God works to meet the needs of other, even in the chaos of Holidays and Snowstorms.  We can share God’s love by sharing family traditions, and most importantly we can share what matters by being open to God and his direction!

So while Advent is over, we shouldn’t close the book on Sharing What Matters.    Let’s Pray together:

Father, You sent Your Son, a sweet babe in a manger! Continue to grant us this real hope, love, joy, and peace!  Strengthen us as we seek to share Your Hope, Your Love, Your Joy, and Your Peace, and continue to provide us with opportunities to fulfill your plan.  In Your name we pray, Amen
 Merry Christmas!

From Fountain of Life

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Your Name (Christmas Version)                                                                                                                               Silent Night 
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As it was Said

“And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor

with God.  And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and 

you shall call his name Jesus.”     Luke 1:30-31

It was Done:

“his name was called Jesus, which was so called by the angel before he was

conceived in the womb.”  Luke 2:21


Song: “Your Name Christmas Version”    performed by: Faith & Jason Marks & Gene Vance


Meaning of Name “Jesus”

There are so many beautiful names and titles for Christ in the Bible, but as the Angel told Mary, the baby shall be named Jesus!  The Hebrew for Jesus is Yeshua, short for Yehoshuah, which means “Yahweh Saves”  God Saves.  The addition of the verb “saves” gives us the understanding of Jesus’ reason for coming down to earth and being born as any other child, even though He was our Savior!   He was God, perfect and holy, coming down to save us! 


We celebrate the birth of Jesus because we look forward to the gift His death gave to each of us!  Christmas is only half the story!  Christ’s life, suffering, and death is one complete story, foretold in the Old Testament, carried out in the New Testament, and we, as Christians carry out the love of Christ Today!


Father, You are the most powerful, and You sent your Son in the least powerful form to show us love, and how to love.  Thank you for reminding us who you are, and the great sacrifice that your Son, our Savior, made.  Because You sent Him down to Earth, we may join you in Heaven.  Because He was a servant, help us serve others.   Because He died on the cross, we will praise you eternally.  “Jesus, Yahweh Saves, God Saves” Because you came to save, we are saved.  In your name, Amen.


 Merry Christmas!