June 18, 2020 Update

Greetings FOL Friends and Family!


We have had a lot of transitions from March until now, below is a short history and update on our current plans impacted by COVID-19.  This update should also help shed light on how Fountain of Life is moving forward in response to this current situation.


Since May 17th, when we began offering outdoor worship services, we transitioned to having one online worship option.  We don’t know what the future holds, so these adjustments are more sustainable long term.


A decision was then made to combine the two outdoor services to one service at 9am, beginning June 14.  With the weather becoming increasingly hot, we want to make sure our worship experiences are comfortable for everyone through the Summer.  We understand worship services are personal to each individual, and so it is very important for us to continue to offer music elements from both the traditional and contemporary styles.  These outdoor services have hymns and songs familiar to both 8:30am and 11am worship go-ers.  We are also working on ways to improve the listening experience for those that are staying in their cars during the service. (FM Transmitter info coming soon).


The COVID Response Team has received the congregational responses from the survey that went out and have begun work on a transition plan to return to worshipping in the sanctuary.  Two of the goals that we have for reopening is that we would be able to have 2 worship services (1 traditional – 1 contemporary), and that we would be able to do so in a way that is sustainable for an extended period of time.  As the team prepares the transition plan, we will continue to offer the services listed below until at least the end of July.


Online Worship Service: Sundays by 8am

Drive Through Communion: 10:10-10:30am *Weather Permitting*

(for those worshiping at home but wish to partake in the Lord’s Supper)

Outdoor Worship Service: Sundays 9am *Weather Permitting*


Returning to worship in the Sanctuary is on the horizon, as soon as we have a safe and responsible plan to do so.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the COVID Response Team or Church Office.


COVID Response Team Members:

Ann Foody, (BOSL), Will Blanchard (BOSL)

Stuart Hofman (Elders), and Dinene Crater (Elders)

Pastor Elliott (Staff), Deb Hayward (Staff)


Once we are back in the Sanctuary, we also plan to live stream both service styles each week. This will give the opportunity for our members to worship together in a familiar way, whether they are in the sanctuary or at home!


Lastly, we want to share that the Staff have worked hard to remain accessible by phone and email (and Zoom Meetings) throughout this time!  Karen Wolfe, the church secretary, is still manning the phone.  We don’t want anyone to ever feel isolated from connecting with the office, so feel free to call in, and while she may or may not be in the office, she will be happy to chat with you about whatever… even her dog Piper!


Praying for you and your family during these challenging times,

Sarah Speaks

Media Communications Coordinator

April 30, 2020 Update

“Abide with Me”
Hello, Fountain of Life family! I want to say that I miss you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers in this very unusual time when we cannot be together in our usual ways of worship and study, but we certainly can be together in spirit and in prayer! I pray that you are finding your peace and solace in your faith in Jesus Christ our Savior, who provides peace beyond our understanding.
Today the hymn “Abide with Me” came to mind (Lutheran Book of Worship #272). Something we can and need to do in this time of so much uncertainty in the world is to abide in the Lord. There is no uncertainty with God, and we can hold onto that promise and trust in Him even when our circumstances seem out of control. So go to the Lord with all of your fears, uncertainties, and frustrations–all of them–even in regard to being “stuck with” those closest in our lives, or being isolated from others. Jesus had frustrations with His disciples at times (when they were very slow to understand, or could not stay awake), although He always loved them! And He was alone through His trials and crucifixion to the point of His cry, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” NIV Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34. Remember that God is with us, He understands, and wants us to abide in Him!
I wanted to provide some updates from the Church Preparedness Team. We have been meeting regularly (and now virtually) since March 10. At first our plans for the church changed rapidly, with certain phases skipped entirely. Currently, we are in more of a holding pattern of wait and see based on our government announcements and rules. But we want to assure everyone that we are formulating plans in regard to worship and Communion, in conjunction with the Elders and Board of Servant Leaders, to resume our worship schedule as soon as safely possible. We are trying to stay on top of the recommendations, and are exploring many options, always keeping in mind the health and well-being of our congregation, physically and spiritually.
Until we can come together again at church, please utilize the online worship and Bible study options! Reach out to the Elders with prayer requests and needs. Stay in contact with your church friends to support and sustain them. And please keep praying! Pray that God would take this virus away, and that all of what we are experiencing will be used for good, according to His will. Remember to thank all of those vital workers keeping things going. And look for the blessings in the midst of the hardships. Peace be with you all!
In His service and love,
Kristy Pavel
Fountain of Life Head Elder

March 27, 2020 Update

Forsyth County will be entering a Stay At Home Order beginning on Friday March 27 at 5:00 pm.  As a result, Fountain of Life will be closing our offices until the order has been lifted. We will also no longer be able to offer private communion.  

Just because we are not inside of the church facility, does not mean that the Church has been stopped. Jesus has promised that he will build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  Staff have been preparing for the possibility of a shelter in place order and will be working remotely. You can still call the church office number and still get the same wonderful voice of Karen Wolfe on the other end.  Online worship will still be posted on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.  We will continue to post ideas and faith lessons for families with children at home on our FOL KIDS@HOME page.  

Right now, there are so many things that can cause fear and anxiety.  Now is the time that we can choose Faith over Fear.  There are three things that we can do to keep our focus on God, and not the storm around us.

  • Follow Jesus.
    I want to encourage you to keep up the Daily Reading Plan for the Gospel of Mark. Choosing Faith over Fear was the same challenge that the Christians in Rome had to wrestle with and why Mark first wrote the Gospel.  As the Disciples learned to follow Jesus, they learned that Faith in Jesus gives us strength in the trial, not an escape from it. Do not be afraid. Stand firm.  Jesus is with you.
  • Love One Another.
    We are still called to love and care for each other, even though we can’t be together.  I want to encourage you to call someone from our church family once each day. If you are healthy and willing to help someone who is at risk, we are looking for people who are able to deliver essentials like groceries and medicines to elderly or immunocompromised members of our church family.  If you would like to help or need help, click here.
  • Serve the World.
    As God’s people, our calling, our identity, and our purpose remain the same, even though our circumstances have dramatically changed.  Now is a time when people are desperate for hope. Now is a time when people may be more open to hearing about Jesus than ever. As you are able, check on your neighbors.  Offer to pray for them. Be the Light of the World.

When the plague enveloped Wittenberg in 1527, Martin Luther gave great advice: Take care of yourself, then as you can in your vocation and are able, care for others. The situations of the bacterial plague in Luther’s day and today’s viral pandemic are not completely identical, but there many parallels.  It is comforting to know that God’s people have faced epidemics before and God was still with His people. This is the advice that Luther gave to people during the plague:

“Use medicine; take potions which can help you; fumigate house, yard, and street; shun persons and places wherever your neighbor does not need your presence or has recovered, and act like a man who wants to help put out the burning city. What else is the epidemic but a fire which instead of consuming wood and straw devours life and body? You ought to think this way: “Very well, by God’s decree the enemy has sent us poison and deadly offal. Therefore I shall ask God mercifully to protect us. Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine, and take it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance infect and pollute others, and so cause their death as a result of my negligence. If God should wish to take me, he will surely find me and I have done what he has expected of me and so I am not responsible for either my own death or the death of others. If my neighbor needs me, however, I shall not avoid place or person but will go freely. …See, this is such a God-fearing faith because it is neither brash nor foolhardy and does not tempt God.”

We will get through this.

Jesus is with us.

His promises are still the same- Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

May God empty you of all fear and fill you with His Peace,

Pastor Elliott

March 19, 2020 Update

One week ago, life changed in North Carolina as restrictive measures were put in place to limit the spread of the COVID-19.  In the wake of these new challenges and hardships, as God’s people we are called to rise up and bring comfort and healing to the hurting.  We have had to learn to do this in new ways. Things that we used to do to show love for each other have become the very thing that we are now asked to avoid: spending time together, giving a hug, or even gathering together for worship in God’s house.   Read more

March 13, 2020 9pm

Hello everyone,

Over the last few days, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) have been changing rapidly.  Our Response Team has endeavored to keep up with the latest developments and are staying in touch with our town officials.  On Friday afternoon, the town leadership asked that all gatherings in Kernersville be cancelled, regardless of size. While this is not a mandated Law, we felt that it would be good for us to partner with the direction of the authorities that God has placed above us in accordance with the 4th Commandment.  

March 13, 2020 10am

Hello everyone,

Today, we are facing an increasing concern over the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).  The response to this worldwide concern has been brought to a new level in North Carolina as Governor Roy Cooper announced that groups over 100 should cancel, postpone, or modify their events.  Many of you may be wondering what this will mean for Fountain of Life. After speaking with a Town of Kernersville official, we will be able to continue holding public worship services.