Update December 2, 2018

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Town Hall Meeting
Call Process Update from the Call Committee
December 16  12pm
Following the 11am Worship

Update November 26, 2018

The Call Committee met in November to review the pastoral profiles provided to us. After reviewing the profiles, we are excited to share that we have an outstanding list of pastors with a variety of skills and passions who we think would be a great fit at Fountain of Life.  The committee has started reaching out to individual candidates to identify those who are open to conducting a phone conversation with the committee. After those conversations are completed, the Call Committee will hold a Town Hall Meeting to present a summary of these pastors, allowing the congregation to determine who to invite to visit Fountain of Life.  We ask for your continued prayers going forward as God works to connect us with our next pastor.

God’s Blessings,

Call Committee


Update November 1, 2018

The Call Committee is actively reviewing profiles of pastoral candidates. Once the committee has reviewed the profiles and discussed the candidates, we will begin reaching out to set up phone discussions. Throughout this process we will be compiling what we learn into summaries that will be shared with the congregation at town hall meetings. The summaries are intended to present the strengths of each candidate in order to help the congregation vote on which candidate to invite for an in-person visit. This is an exciting time in the call process, and we ask for continued prayers.
-The FoL Call Committee

Update October 30, 2018

The Call Committee has received the list of pastoral candidates from the district.  We are currently working with Pastor McDaniels to determine which candidates are open to receiving a call.  The following is a timeline of the call process and displays where we are at: Read more

Update September 25, 2018

Dear Fountain of Life,  

The Call Committee has received the profiles for pastoral candidates from the district. Pastor McDaniels will be assisting with the next step, which involves reaching out to these candidates to determine if they are open to receiving a call.  Once we know which pastors are open to a call, the committee will begin reviewing the profiles and arrange for phone discussions with the candidates.  It is difficult to predict how long this part of the process will take.  We ask for continued prayers as God works to connect us with our next Pastor.  If you would like to view a diagram detailing the call process, you can find this through the e-newsletter, or view a hard copy in the call process binder located in the Narthex.

  God’s Peace, The Call Committee

Update September 20, 2018

Please Join Us for the Mid-Week Prayer Service:
Wednesday, September 26th at 7pm
This will be a 30-45 min service with a focus on prayer for all aspects of the call process. Afterwards there will be fellowship with refreshments and desserts provided by the Call Committee. We will also have a small gift for those who attend! We look forward to seeing you there!

Minutes from 8-28-18 Meeting

Minutes from the meeting on August 28 are in the document link below:

Update August 29, 2018

Dear Congregation,

As the pastoral call process continues to progress as planned, we would like to come together as a church to cover the process in prayer.  To do this, we are assembling a mid-week prayer service to take place on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 pm.  The focus of this service will be to pray for Fountain of Life, and for the future pastor which God has selected for us. Following this service there will be refreshments and desserts provided by the Call Committee. We hope to see you all there!

– Call Committee

Update August 22, 2018

The Call Committee had its second meeting and covered significant ground mapping out the steps of the call process. We are working on a visual aide to help demonstrate this process more clearly and will use this going forward to display where we are in the process. We should receive a list of potential pastoral candidates back from the District in the next 2-4 weeks. Lastly, we are working on organizing a mid-week prayer service approximately once a month to help cover the process in prayer.  For more information, please seek out recent meeting minutes, or feel free to contact any of the committee members. Continue to pray for our future pastor as well as for our congregation.

Update August 1, 2018

The Call Committee has submitted the Congregational Profile and your list of nominations to the Office of the Southeastern District President.  President Denninger and his staff are beginning the approximately 8 week process of reviewing our nominations and adding additional pastors, contacting these pastors to ascertain whether they would be open to receiving a call, collecting the respective pastors’ profiles, and evaluating their potential to do the Lord’s work in partnership with Fountain of Life and the District.

So, now do we just wait?


It is time to cover the call process in prayer.  Please include our congregation, call process, and our future pastor in your prayers daily!