Pray with Us…

Thank you Lord for those who have accepted to serve on the Call Committee. We ask that You provide the time needed for them to devote to this process, and help us as members to understand our role.

We lift up our next Pastor as You

prepare his heart for ministry at FOL.  


Update August 29, 2018

Dear Congregation,

As the pastoral call process continues to progress as planned, we would like to come together as a church to cover the process in prayer.  To do this, we are assembling a mid-week prayer service to take place on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 pm.  The focus of this service will be to pray for Fountain of Life, and for the future pastor which God has selected for us. Following this service there will be refreshments and desserts provided by the Call Committee. We hope to see you all there!

– Call Committee

Update August 22, 2018

The Call Committee had its second meeting and covered significant ground mapping out the steps of the call process. We are working on a visual aide to help demonstrate this process more clearly and will use this going forward to display where we are in the process. We should receive a list of potential pastoral candidates back from the District in the next 2-4 weeks. Lastly, we are working on organizing a mid-week prayer service approximately once a month to help cover the process in prayer.  For more information, please seek out recent meeting minutes, or feel free to contact any of the committee members. Continue to pray for our future pastor as well as for our congregation.

Update August 1, 2018

The Call Committee has submitted the Congregational Profile and your list of nominations to the Office of the Southeastern District President.  President Denninger and his staff are beginning the approximately 8 week process of reviewing our nominations and adding additional pastors, contacting these pastors to ascertain whether they would be open to receiving a call, collecting the respective pastors’ profiles, and evaluating their potential to do the Lord’s work in partnership with Fountain of Life and the District.

So, now do we just wait?


It is time to cover the call process in prayer.  Please include our congregation, call process, and our future pastor in your prayers daily!

Minutes from 7-10-18

The Fountain of Life Call Committee had its first meeting on July 10th, 2018. We had a great discussion about the call process, and are excited to start this journey. One of our primary goals is to be as transparent as possible in order to communicate effectively and serve as the voice of the congregation.  Going forward, we will be sharing our meeting minutes with the congregation through the weekly E-Newsletter, and in the Narthex. We look forward to hearing from you as we continue this journey together.

Call Process Updates

For Call Process Updates, check your Thursday E-Newsletter or the Narthex.  If you don’t receive the weekly E-Newsletter, you can sign up here.
The Call Committee will be communicating all updates as well as meeting minutes.  You can find all information regarding the Call Process through this page.  Look for their first update soon!

Call Committee Announced

Fountain of Life Call Committee has been formed! The following members have accepted their nomination to serve on the Call Committee for the next Pastor:
Call Committee Co-Chairs
Carl Langefeld & Michelle Moss
Committee Members
Karen Armour-Hoke, Kevin Crater, Ken Foody, Matt Gorris, Terry Griffin, Olivia Plyler, and Mark Winterhoff