Blog Post March 8, 2017

Spiritual Warfare
By: Sarah Speaks
It has been a terrible season for colds and flu and now with the pollen creeping out from all the nice weather of early sneak peak to spring alot of people are just having a hard go.  My daughter too has been fighting something this week, so reading today’s devotion from LHM I was brought to comparing the battle going on inside her tiny body (germs vs those powerful white blood cells) and another type of war we cannot see to the naked eye, spiritual warfare.  Both of these have symptoms to the naked eye, a runny nose, a fever, or like in this story from Luke: demon possession.  It’s easy to image the effect the years of struggle inside this man’s spirit had on his life.  Did he lose relationships, his job, his home?   Only God can truly care for us spiritually through our commitment to growing our relationship with Him, and He will continue to keep us free from Satan’s power.
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  1. Rick Meyer says:

    Excellent! Thank you