Blog Post March 15, 2017



Same Today

By Sarah Speaks







“That’s how people thought in that day, and it’s a conclusion we sometimes are too quick to jump to in our day too.”  How true is this, in times of struggle and tragedy, we are quick to despair, or accuse God for causing our pain, or ask what we did to deserve it.  But our struggles do not atone our sins, do they?  Only the perfect Son of God truly endured the suffering and death, not for his own sins but for ours. Jesus’ gift of real sacrifice on the cross, death and resurrection is the only way through which we can receive forgiveness: if we accept our failures and repent our sins.  Because of this, I will try not to let my struggles take focus off of the wonderful gift God gave us through His Son, but strive for gratitude for what Jesus has done and find peace that we will enter eternal life because of Him.


Side Note: Did anyone else catch the typo in today’s devotion?


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  1. Deb Hayward says:

    I see the typo.