Blog Post April 5, 2017

Making Justice

By: Sarah Speaks

Peter’s swift strike of defense, and as I imagine it, without thought defending his Lord from the obvious capture, was an immediate response.  Are you one to strike immediately, or calculate a more methodical response?  I think we all lean towards one response or the other.  How easy would it be to have Jesus there with us as he was in the garden.  He knew what Peter would do and quickly corrected back to the path God had for Him.  Do you find yourself confessing “Not my will, but Yours Lord”  I often push myself (not always willingly) to seek the direction of God in the face of adversity, seeking to see His will and purpose for my life.  I recently came across a note from my mom, probably from when I was heading off to college, probably not when I appreciate it as much as I do now.  It read “…Be purposeful and available for the Lord…”  In order to do that, we all have to but our swords of our reactions, or knowledge, or plans away and look to the Lord, His directions, plans, and see the power He has in our world.