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Preschool Staff

Fountain of Life Preschool’s staff are dedicated to serving the
needs of the Preschool families and would be happy to talk with
you and help in any way we can!
 Preschool Hours:
9am – 1pm Mon-Fri
Phone: 336-993-4447 x. 14 



Debbie Travis

Preschool Director
Since 1999


Shannon Valentine

Administrative Assistant
Since 2014


Shelly Stevens

1’s Class
2’s Class
Since 2008
Amy   Caulk
1’s Class
2’s Class
Since 2016


Laura Lindley

2’s Class
Since 2018
Heather Callaham
2’s Class
Since 2018


Rose Schreiber

3’s Class
Since 2015


Rosie Rascon

3’s Class
Since 2011

Debbie Davison
3’s Class
Since 2012

Jessica Bowman
3’s Class
Since 2018


Megan Van Weiren

 KR-4 Class
Since 2017


Mary Lundberg

KR-4 Class


Since 1995


Jordan Lawson

KR-4 Class
Since 2009


Stacey Hudson

KR-4 Class
Since 2013


Tammy Thompson

K-5 Class
Since 2008
Kristie Idol
k-5 Class
Since 2007