Congregational Special Event!

Combined Worship Service and Annual Church Picnic!
Both 8:30am and 11am attendees are encouraged to come together for this combined worship service!
“Remember to Breathe”
Pastor Baldinger, Charlotte, NC
The Special Events Choir and Praise Band will
join in one voice, with celebratory worship
songs and hymns.
If you are interested in singing with the
Special Events Choir, sign up below.
Sign up below to help with the setup, serving,
or clean up at the picnic, bring a game, or
supervise the bouncehouse for the kids!
Ticket Information (RSVP by May 13th)

Adults (13 Years and over) $5 per person
Children’s Ticket for $5

Children’s ticket covers all children in your family 12 & under, no matter how many for $5 total
Special Events Choir
Setup, Serve, or Clean Up
Bring a Game or Help!